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Mor Hemed was born in Israel. Today, she works and designs in Tel-Aviv.
Mor completed her studies in the Department of Jewelry and Fashion at Bezalel Arts Academy.

Her passion to create art led her to find her unique vision, as in Bezalel she stood out in her originality and her ability to implement ideas that were previously only a dream. After she completed her studies, Hemed looked for a new and interesting new channel in which she could evolve as a designer, and as she worked in New York was recruited by the house of top designer Alexander Mcqueen (RIP) in London and was invited for an internship at the heart of the studio. It was an instrumental and challenging experience that emphasized her keenness to create her own framework, in which she could express her designing ideas.

Mor Hemed has been working in the local Israeli fashion market since 2007, and has a lot of experience in her field. Hemed is a solo artist, elegantly navigating mors – her own fashion line, a small and original fashion house for a different way of design – as she comfortably walks in the areas on the cusp of art and fashion and in the places that reside between the savage and the cultures, accompanied by a faithful crowd of clients that has followed her for quite some time.
In the collections she creates it is obvious that Hemed continues to develop and deepen the style that has characterized her work for several years now. Two central elements in her collections, which also complete each other, include the use of unique prints that Hemed designs, paints and hand-prints in her studio, alongside the creation of unique pieces in limited editions. It is difficult not to note the vivid prints, full of color, vitality and emotion. On the other hand, she adds geometric patterns washed with base colors that have a quiet yet dominant presence in her work.
Additionally, Hemed searches for unique prints that create a captivating visual dialogue with the prints that exist in her previous collections. Classic cuts, supposedly simple, balance the noisy prints – and thus an equilibrium is created that is pleasant to the eye. This is especially the case with her line of evening dresses, created by the principal that always guides Hemed of “less is more”. They are consequently minimal and loose, often relying on a single design element, elegantly avoiding the set of rules that characterizes an “evening dress”. However, Hemed’s dresses still have something distinguished, proper, about them, making them suitable for any event as well as for an exclusive cocktail party. Hemed’s creative impulse also leads her to turn to challenging directions and art projects in Israel and elsewhere, designing costumes for dance troops and actors, and collaborating with artists in different areas – and the sky is the limit.

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